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Posted on January 01 2015


Almost every time I think of a sheep and go 'baaaa' in my head, I am reminded of a time where Warcraft 2 allowed you to click on their sheep multiple times and it would go 'baaaaramyou', which I always thought was so cute until they exploded. :/ Yes, I am from that era where we played Warcraft 2. Good times the 90's are. :)

2014 was strangely a rather trying year. Not just for me, but I would think the whole of Malaysia as well. The tragic 3 planes that went down, our economy went down, the massive floods in Kelantan & Pahang, to me I felt it was all in all a rather demoralising year.

For 2015, I am taking the horse by its rein, shoving it aside and ramming it down with a baaaaad ass sheep. #ilikebadjokes #yesiamlame #hashtagsarefuneveniftheydontwork

Last year on a whim, my friend & I signed ourselves up for Viper Challenge in March and since jumpstreet trampoline park came about my BF decided to buy me a 10 session multi pass to help me get over my fear of well, myself. If you ask me to go bungee jumping I'll say OKAY! But the moment I'm required to actually utilise my own physical body to do any sort of physical challenges, I just don't trust myself as I don't think I have the strength to do it and it really doesn't help that I am a huge klutz and just by sitting down I am able to stub my toe.

So for 2015, there will be absolutely no more horsing around, it's time to improve myself & further push Peep forward! :)

Am also secretly hoping to squeeze in a beach holiday some time soon. This cold, dreary, wet, cloudy weather just isn't good for my soul.

For 2015, what would you like to be doing more of and doing less of? :)

Till next time,
Wei Ni.

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