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Fashion How-to: 5 Looks To Rock This Raya Season!

Posted on July 02 2016

Fashion How-to: 5 Looks To Rock This Raya Season!

This blog post is dedicated to anyone (including myself!) who doesn't own a single piece of baju kurung or kebaya. Either that or you just have a handful of them and you can't be wearing them for ALL the open houses you visit. Because not nice la to keep wearing the same outfit kan!

Co-written by Lulu!

#1 I'm Too Posh for this Hotel Buffet

One of the things about Raya is deciding what to wear out for the open house; you don't want to appear too intimidating and at the same time, you wanna look fab, especially if you're going to a company or fancy Raya open house. In these kind of situations, just play around with your regular casual dress and formalise it by wearing a chic vest, statement jewellery and killer heels to fit right in.

Colour plays a big role too, choose one major statement piece and keep the rest muted in order to not seem too OTT but still look fantastic for that open house.

In this look: Miranda Midi Dress in Beige and White Vest (coming soon!).

#2 Twice the Charm and Twice the Goreng in Tulle

For those open houses that you just want to feel a bit Gaya Raya, this outfit's for you. Subtle, yet structured. It plays with lovely, feminine colours from top to bottom, topped with a dark navy jacket to give yourself structure without overpowering the body, especially if you have a petite frame.

The navy jacket is great to throw on any top if you're going from a warm to cool setting. Complete the look with a bold statement piece.In this look: Clemence Crop Jacket in Navy Bluei, So Simple Singlet in White and Anastasia Tulle Maxi Skirt in Pink.

#3 Rendang Ready in Stretchy Neoprene

In this look: Waterfall Chiffon Open Cardi in Black, Geena Gemstone Blouse in Pale Pink and Natasha Neoprene Maxi Skirt in Forest Green

Just like how we enjoy rendang's glorious taste, colour and texture, we need to know how dress in preparation to full devour it. That's why, for you to fully stomach that pot of rendang, you should always opt for comfy, stretchable clothing. 

Pair an easy immediate glam top if you're short of time. All you have to do is mesh it with a light chiffon cardi and a comfy yet stretchy neoprene skirt and you're rendang ready! 

#4 Kuick Kasual For Kuihs

Got that casual get-together coming up where you know you'll be hanging out with your family and friends, slurping on sirap? Pull out your basic collared top or even a lightweight chambray jacket and pair it with a simple maxi skirt for easy comfort. 
In this look: Chambray Jacket (similar) and Marina Stripe Maxi Skirt.

This maxi skirt is also perfect as the vertical lines will hide the lovely food baby you had prior to sitting down for a catch up sesh. Add bright jewellery to finish up your look with a polished vibe.

#5 For The Love Of Kimonos & Ketupats

In this look: Kylie Glitter Roses Kimono and Charmaine Choker Top in White.

Raya's not only a time for regular reunions and makans, it is definitely a time for Gaya Raya! As someone once famously said, a little bling killed nobody.

Knowing full well the capabilities of the local weather, it's safe to say that we need to strategically layer our clothes in order to prevent full meltdown and at the same time, stay chic. That's why this lightweight kimono with a modest, clean-cut chocker top and a soft simple black maxi skirt is perfect for that outdoor tea party themed open house. It provides enough ventilation and the clothes flow effortlessly on the body.

There you go, 5 Gaya Raya looks for the baju kurung impaired. Let us know in the comments below, which of these are your favourites? :)

Wei Ni & Lulu.


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