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Fashion How-To: The Secret to Sport Chic

Posted on September 10 2015

The Sport Chic look has gotta be one of this year's hottest & most popular fashion trends! It's easy to see why a lot of fashionistas & celebrities are embracing the Sport Chic vibe, with it's perfect mix of feminine and masculine pieces, you're guaranteed to look chic & effortless without sacrificing comfort.

Whether you're a fan of the Sport Chic style or you just need to look presentable post-work out, here's our quick & easy guide on nailing the Sport Chic look without looking like you just stepped out of the gym. :)

#1 Muscling in my muscle tee!

Often associated with ripped men at the gym or at the court, the muscle tee has come a long way since! In a feminine cut and bold print, this muscle tee is perfect to add a sporty vibe to the fitted trumpet skirt.

Wearing Evi Muscle Tee in Supreme, Lila Trumpet Skirt in Wine.

The perforated details on our Evi Muscle Tee makes this top breathable and kinda perfect for working out too!


#2 I've got my weekend sweats on!
Sweatpants are often associated with lazy days, bumming around in bed with your hair in a messy bun, tub of ice-cream in your arms & a Game of Thrones marathon. This literally is Lulu's sweatpants that she wears for working out & sleep, but when I saw the pants with its striped panels I KNEW it would be PERFECT for this look! #pleasedwithmuhself

Wearing necklace from By Invite Only, holographic clutch from UK. Sunnies & pants stolen from Lulu.

The stripes on the side adds length & height to the body.

#3 No sweat in sweatshirts!

We brought in this sweatshirt years ago and it has since sold out! It's the perfect bright neon pink that is guaranteed to turn heads! I wanted to keep this look casual by pairing up the sweatshirt with a pair of silver pleather shorts. Threw on a beanie for days when your hair is greasy and showering feels like too much work.

Wearing beanie from Oh Temptations, sling bag from Asos, Pink Sweatshirt & Basically Pleather Shorts in Silver from Peep!


#4 No shirt? No problem!

When you've run out of clean shirts and you've still gotta meet your pals! Pairing up a sports bra with a skirt will add a feminine vibe to your look, while the oversized denim jacket & hoodie keeps you warm. Throw on a pair of comfy sneakers and you're out the door!

Wearing Wine & Cheese High Compression Sports Bra from AshBeNimble, Decadent Neoprene Skater Skirt in Black & shoes from Tangs, 1 Utama.

Heading out to a music festival? This look has got you covered! The jacket keeps you warm and protects your skin from the sun, while the sports bra keeps your ladies in check while you're dancing the night away. :)

#5 Getting leggy with it!

Bold leggings are a great way to add pops of colours to your look. These amazing leggings go perfectly with a simple chiffon dress that has a double side split to let the bold, colourful detail of the leggings show through.
Leggings can be a little tricky to style up especially if you're just done with the gym, as such I decided to throw on a billowy long side split chiffon dress for a dressier appeal while the leggings & hoodie vest gave it a relaxed sporty vibe. I completed this look with a pair of white strappy heels to elongate the legs.

Wearing Slits and Splits Dress in White, leggings from Black Milk Clothing.

Loving the bold Queen of Hearts details on this legging!


The secret to nailing the Sport Chic look is by pairing up feminine pieces with sportswear to achieve the perfect blend of soft, sporty & a little bit edgy. :)
Tell us, which of these looks are your favourite? :)

Till next time!
Wei Ni.


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