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How to Care & Wash your Neoprene Items

Posted on October 01 2016

How to Care & Wash your Neoprene Items

Hey Peeps! 

It's been awhile since I last did a post as I've been busy with getting our store in Atria Shopping Gallery up and running (we are still hiring btw!). Now the the shop is up and running with INTERNET! Hoooray! More blog posts can happen, hopefully. :) 

Ever since opening up a physical store, I've had the chance to meet a lot of you and gotten tons of feedback! One of the main questions I get is, How do I care/wash my neoprene items? As I wasn't 100% sure how best to care/wash neoprene items, I did some digging on the world wide web and this is what I found. 


While neoprene can be machine washed, I personally would prefer to hand wash these pieces as I cannot guarantee what the tumbling in the machine will do to you neoprene fabric. 

Simply wash your neoprene item in cool water with mild detergent. Do not scrub, instead if there is a stain you're trying to get rid off, put some detergent on the area and let it soak for a bit. 

Avoid drying in direct sunlight, instead dry in shade. Either dry it on a flat surface or hang it dry on a clip hanger as if you place it over the clothes line it'll cause some crease in the fabric. 


As all items would come folded & packed, some creasing will happen on your neoprene item. To remove the crease, iron from the inside on a warm setting with a thin tea towel between your neoprene item & iron. Do not start on a hot setting, if you're unsure what temperature to use, start cool and slowly work your way warmer. 

To store your neoprene item, it's recommended you store it hanging as folding it and placing it underneath all your items will cause your neoprene item to crease. 

While this may seem like a lot of work, if properly maintained your neoprene item will last you a long time. :) 

Truly this fabric is one that you can keep and wear again and again. :) 

Looking for neoprene pieces? We've got a couple! 

Wei Ni. 


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