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March Updates x OOTDs x Upcoming Bazaar

Posted on March 20 2015

March Updates x OOTDs x Upcoming Bazaar

Hey Peeps!
How has everyone been? :) We hope you've been doing good, it was a rather exciting & busy March for us at Peep!

Lulu started her internship at the prestigious The Edge newspaper while submitting applications to further her studies.

There she is on the right! With a pink sheep/ram/baabaa for CNY!


While I've been busy trying to stay healthy & fit. Participated in the Malaysia's Women's Marathon, it was only 5km but I figured after 2013's Penang Full Marathon I've rather had enough of running, especially when I've never really been a fan of running to begin with. :P

Here with fellow entrepreneur, Angela of Golden Mark Inc (we will be selling these metallic tattoos very soon!) & Nadia of Fit Rebel. :)

Trying to hit Yoga One That I Want's #freeyogafit yoga session every Saturday morning at 730am at KLCC Park.

Lulu decided to participate in Kinky Blue Fairy's 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash & won! Headed over to The Bee, Publika for an intimate little gathering of 300 or so people. Really had a blast with these crazy ladies of my life! Tried out Strongbow's Apple Cider Honey for the first time and really like it! Super tasty & easy to drink!

Here with my sister Lulu, Hui of Ash Be Nimble, Nadia, Jas & Lynnett!

Then on 15th March, my friends & I participated in this year's Viper Challenge. 20km of obstacles!

I made it!! I seriously just never look good before, during & after any sort of work outs. As they say, those who still look good after they work out, didn't work out hard enough. :P Either that or they just look good generally. #notme

It was part fun, part torture, part questioning myself, but because it was done in good company making the trail not as long as it seems. The soles of my shoes decided it was a good time to come apart after the first obstacle. FML. I am just grateful the shoes held up all the way until the end of the marathon & I didn't have to go with just socks or barefoot! :) No point crying over spilled milk (or in this case, broken shoes) and just keep trudging on. Truly experienced what it felt like to have a pair of Vibrams on. :P Perhaps for my next Viper (should I choose to accept) I'll try it out with a pair of Vibrams.

I've also been trying to put more effort in dressing up on the weekends, simply because one cannot live on t-shirt & shorts alone. Also, if I do not dress up now then all the lovely clothes I've been hoarding will go to waste!

I rarely wear heels out in the day. Mostly because my BF is the same height. :P

I usually don't wear a lot of accessories either, but lately I've been wanting to reach for bold statement necklaces only to find that I don't really have any. :/ Time to get some! :D

We finally updated our SALE page! We all appreciate a good discount, so head on over now to pick up items from as low as RM25!

March Clearance! Items from RM25 onwards!


To end this eventful March, we will be at Markets, Jaya One on 28th-29th March 2015 (Saturday & Sunday) from 11am-7pm! Do drop by, do some shopping, and say Hi!  :) We would love to meet as many of you as possible!

28-29th March 2015. Saturday & Sunday. 11am-7pm. Jaya One.
See you all there! :)

Tell us, how has March been for you? :)

Till next time,
Wei Ni.


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