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Need to know now: Neoprene!

Posted on November 19 2014

Need to know now: Neoprene!

What do you know about neoprene? Last year, probably not much or nothing at all. Or perhaps you do know what it is, but only related in terms of what you wear when you go diving or surfing.

This year the neoprene fabric (also known as scuba fabric) is the must-have, hottest & latest fabric on the market and the runways! Fashion designers have embraced this rather functional fabric and turned it into a fashion masterpiece!

So what about this strange, techie fabric that has got all the fashion designers crazy about?

1. Sculptural Architectural Masterpiece

One of the greatest things about this fabric, is its ability to create and craft out beautiful, sculptural pieces. The material itself has a thick yet flouncy feel to it, giving your favourite circle or skater skirts an added boost.
Dress: Veruschka Neoprene Dress.

2. Stylish & Warm

The whole purpose of neoprene was essentially to keep divers warm in the ocean, as neoprene is purely synthetic it doesn't have the breathability of a cotton piece but because of that, it definitely will keep you warm & keep the chilly chills away. With the monsoon season upon us, I can see this fabric being a huge plus in my wardrobe for days when you just feel that your jacket doesn't go with your dress!

3. Comfort is Key

These babies are delightfully comfortable to wear! It doesn't have the itchy scratchy-ness as certain mesh or chiffon fabric, it definitely is nowhere as delicate as lace whereby wearing jewellery might accidentally create snags in the delicate lace and because of their slightly spongy bounce, you'll feel like you're sitting on a light cushion as opposed to the cold hard steel/wood of a chair.

4. Spills? No worries!

As neoprene is originally created as a wetsuit, the fabric is relatively waterproof, so you'll have no fear of accidentally spilling your drinks on your favourite top & having it sink in to it. Simply grab a dry tissue and quickly wipe off your spills & it's like nothing ever happened! Definitely important for a klutz like me! Most of the current neoprene in the market are a blend of polyester to make it easier to care for & slightly more breathable so their water resistance may not be as strong as if it was in a wetsuit.
Dress: Veruschka Neoprene Dress.

Tell us, will you join us on the dark side & jump on board the neoprene spaceship? ;)

Wei Ni.


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