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New Website Features EXPLAINED!

Posted on August 04 2016

New Website Features EXPLAINED!

Hello Peeps! :) 

Well, this website migration certainly took a little longer than expected and I am just happy that it is all done up now! :) 

Not many of you know, but right now Peep is being run solely by me with the help of my sisters and my boyfriend.

My sisters help out with choosing & selecting styles that go on this website, putting different looks together, photographing new products and all the other behind the scenes stuff! 

My boyfriend is the one working on making sure the website is working in tiptop condition and everything loads in a minimal amount of time. If you ever hit a snag on the website, please get in touch with us immediately and we will do our best to rectify it for you. :) 

Let's get started on the new features shall we! :) 



Hello if you're new! :)

We love keeping in touch with our customers and one of the ways we do it is with newsletters. We only send related & interesting newsletter to your mailbox as we are a firm believer against spam. 

Our newsletters will include all the latest news & happenings in and around Peep, sneak peek on our latest collection, subscribers only promos and a way to just say hello and keep in touch. :) 

If there is something specific you'd like to see in our newsletter, please get in touch and we will do our best to include that in the next round! :)

Sign up now!


What are they and how do I earn & redeem them? 

Going in to our website, you'll notice a small button at the bottom left of the page (PEEP POINTS). 

Clicking on that will pop up this screen. 


Click on Learn More to find out how you can earn & redeem your points. 

You'll be able to see a live update of your points on the top right corner of the page, above the Search bar. 


At anytime, should you wish to see your Point Balance simply click on Peep Points at the bottom left of the page. :) 
Full details with point breakdown can be found on the dedicated Peep Points page. 


I'm a student, living on a student budget. Can I get a discount? 

We've all been students once and we understand the tough balance between choosing to spend your limited student budget on fancy cafes, outing with friends or a necessary fashion choice. 

As such, we've partnered up with UniTreats to bring you a Student Only offer where you'll receive 10% off storewide! 

Receiving your student discount is simple. Just sign up for an account with UniTreats and voila! You're on your way to saving more! 



We want you to be heard! 

Below each of our products now has a review section! Yay! Whatever you have to say about the products, leave it below so others can benefit from your feedback and you can benefit from theirs! :) 

Wanna have your style featured on our Facebook, Instagram and our website? Simply hit us up on Instagram by including @peepboutique & #peepboutique in your description. Make sure your account is public so we can see it! :) 

Have something to say about our service & products that don't go on any of the platforms above? Email us: 


Phew! I think that's most of it. :) 
If you need more details on shipping & payment, check out our Quick Help

Wei Ni. 
Founder of Peep! 


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