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Pop Market '14

Posted on August 17 2014

Because we just don't blog enough. Here's a quick post on our weekend at Pop Market by Pop Culture Live. :)

Early morning at Pop Market, The School in Jaya One.


As the event is set to start at 10am, we were there bright and early at about 8am thinking we could be a bit kiasu, get parking near to the lift so we can easily transport all our goodies up towards Pop Market. :P

That's me taking a selfie through the reflection of my sunnies! Also, always bring a book! You never know when you might get stuck waiting without anything to do. Good time to also get away from screens mah! 


Well, sad to say that didn't quite happen as shutters for Pop Shop only opened up at 930am so we could only roll in all our goodies then. As such, for those of you who came at 10am sharp on Saturday morning, we are so terribly sorry that when you came to us we were still in the midst of setting up and couldn't chat with you guys as much as we wanted to. :(

The morning just isn't complete without coffee! Featuring badges from Badgestique!


Below our humble little booth space for 2 days. We're not the greatest at getting our booth to look pretty, so if you guys have any ideas or thoughts as to how we can improve it for you, please let us know by leaving a comment down below. :) We would be eternally grateful!

Yes, we finally made a proper Peep sign as well and managed to stick it up there on the wall!
Sadly, that was short lived because we brought only some masking tape and it just wasn't sticky enough. :P
Btw, last 2 pieces of our Celfie Tee & Kitsch Clutch. Buy it while you still can peeps! :)


But of course, #ootd!

On left, wearing Amber Multiway Top (4 shades) with Asos Side Slit Maxi Skirt. On right, wearing Cotton Midi Pinafore & crop top from Tank for 5.
Yeap, it was a monochromatic sorta weekend. Can't help it if we are currently going through a black/white/grey phase.

Thank you Bangsar Babe for dropping by! :)
She's wearing our Cat with Specs Mini Dress btw!

It was a super busy 2 day bazaar, so we couldn't take as many photos as we wanted. For all of you who dropped by to shop or just to say HI, thank you so much! We really appreciate you taking the time & effort to come by. :)

Hope to see you guys at more bazaars soon!

Till then, Stay chic!
Wei Ni.


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