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Sold By Supre

Posted on March 26 2014

Sold By Supre

My sister & I were feeling rather bummed over the fact that Supre had changed up their terms & conditions and as such right now, it's incredibly uneconomical for us to bring in any more of their items. We could, but we didn't wanna overly mark up our prices just to bring in a few select pieces. Sad to say, until further notice we will not be providing any pre-orders for Supre or bringing in any of their item.
This post is a dedication to all the great styles our lovely customers came up with for the Supre items they purchased from us.
Enjoy! :)

Bangsar Babe looking sleek & chic in our Black Supre Mesh Mini Dress. I have this strange obsession for being super matchy matchy, especially for events at night where you can go all out!

As we couldn't bring in every single piece of Supre items (though we really want to!), we did accept pre-orders for customers who are interested in purchasing items which we didn't carry at the moment. Evonne has been eyeing this particular Crisscross Side Skirt from Supre & decided to take the pre-order plunge. Can we just say, she's looking absolutely stunning in her skirt!

Supre has always been known for their well fitted mini skirts in either a whole collection of sleek plain coloured pieces or fun & funky printed pieces! Ee Fen is decided to let her Supre Fitted Mini Skirt in Green Island do the talking by pairing it up with a basic white tee. Go for neutral colours if you're wearing a bold print to let the print stand out on its own. :)

Skater skirts, I feel that one can never have too many of them! This one is particularly unique with it's classic black flare skirt but with a bold pop of colour along the band. This allows you to wear this skirt just as a simple black piece or let the band stand out the way Paulynna did with a black top!


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