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Wanderlust: Japan Photodiary.

Posted on March 09 2015

Wanderlust: Japan Photodiary.

Gosh, I meant to finish this post in January, and yet it is somehow March. Where did all the time go? Keeping this post short & sweet. Enjoy Peeps! :)

Kuroshio Market. Tuna cutting demonstration. I never knew tunas were this big!
Winter isn't complete without... ICE-CREAMS! In Japan, I always go for green tea or black sesame!
Nothing like some grilled squid!
Nara Deer Park. Where deers roam freely with complete disregard to incoming traffic.
Black & white OOTD surrounded by the lush greens of Japan!
My sister learning the proper way to make green tea.
Japanese OCD. With a rebel!
Adorable Japanese knick knacks! Cats in a bowl!
Never say no to ice-cream! :)
My neighbour Totoro! And my sister. Found a Totoro shop & wanted to take everything home!
And it's Glico Man!
So much to love when it comes to Japanese food!
Shadows & shade.
Perfect weather for a bike ride in Osaka. #notmybike
Clear skies & sunshine at the Osaka Castle
Cream puffs! Vanilla & green tea!
Ending the post with this serene picture. :)

Hope you guys are having a good week! :)

Till next time,
Wei Ni.


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