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Wanderlust: Singapore Day 1

Posted on July 07 2015

OMG! Has it really been a WHOLE month since my last blog update? Gosh, how time flies! No worries though, as I've got a couple of Singapore posts lined up, documenting my short time there with my sister, Lulu. :)

We visited quite a number of places and spent an entire day at Universal Studios Singapore, so will be breaking up the Singapore post into 3 separate posts by day. :)

OOTD Theme: Monochrome Morning.
We started the morning by taking a nice looooooooong walk around the Singapore Botanic Garden. Kickstarted our little walk with a healthy breakfast at Food For Thought. I had my usual Flat White and opted for their Greek Yoghurt with Bananas & Berries, while my sister got the Muesli.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Food For Thought, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Greek Yoghurt with Banana & Berries, Muesli.

Without ever bothering to find out how big the park really was, we spent a good 2 hours there just walking about and looking at things! They've got so many different sections and the park is maintained really well with people just lounging on the grass, chilling & even meditating.

The park is dog friendly so be prepared to see lots of cute doggies on the way! We saw a super friendly Golden Retriever (do they come any other way! :) ), a Corgi & a Husky! All 3 of them friendly and too cute to boot, we didn't wanna disturb the owners too much so after a quick petting we left.

Being Totoro, wearing In The Tropics Set in Navy.
Beautiful sights you'll see & enjoy at Singapore Botanic Gardens. That's Lulu jumping high! She's wearing Being Descriptive Top & Paperbag Writer Shorts.
The end of Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was a lovely experience, wear your comfiest shoes & just enjoy the walk and sights. :)

OOTD Theme: Floral Afternoon.
For lunch we headed over to Tiong Bahru to check out their infamous hipster cafe scene. After walking around a little bit and being surprised that their selection is actually quite small we stopped at 40 Hands for a bite.

[Edit: So I just found out from my sister that apparently we had 40 Hands for Breakfast on Sunday! And on Saturday for lunch we had the famous wantan mee from Tiong Bahru Market. The wantan mee, honestly was not to my liking. Barely any sauce or flavour.] 

My sister's mocha & my bitter piccolo latte. Adorable army men cake display!

I felt like I wanted to save a dollar or two and decided to order a piccolo latte, which turned out to be a bad idea because it was the MOST bitter coffee I have ever drank. I'm pretty okay with both bitter & sour coffee and usually am not too fussy. But this one was definitely difficult to drink, let alone enjoy.

Clockwise from top left: Eggs Benedict with Bacon, Eggs Cocotte, Cupcakes display at Plain Vanilla.

The food however was tasty! The cafe is really small and feels really cramped so it's definitely eat & go kinda place.

Visited Books Actually and I must say I really enjoy the ambiance of the place and the selection of books they had! Unfortunately, didn't pick up any as it wasn't that much cheaper there compared to back home.

Books & cats. My two favourite things. :)

As we were headed to SEA Aquarium later, we tapau-ed cupcakes from Plain Vanilla! I decided to have a flat white there, just to wash away the bad taste the previous piccolo left me. Verdict? Flat white tasted way too milky and was really mild, but anything better than coffee that's too bitter.

Welcome to SEA Aquarium, Singapore! Lulu wearing Gabriella Lace Crop Top in Pink!

Hello SEA Aquarium, Singapore!
My sister & I were really excited to visit the SEA Aquarium as we've always had a fascination for aquariums! There's just something amazing about looking at all the different kinds of sea creatures in the deep depths where we humans rarely venture into! Doesn't help that I love snorkelling and would love to one day get a diving license (soon, soon I keep telling myself!).

The stingray looks like it's smiling and waving a Hello! :) | Hermit crab in a transparent shell, which I kinda feel is an invasion of its privacy. | Hello starfish!
In the bottom left picture, can you spot the hidden fish? :) | A row of seahorses!

The SEA Aquarium can get really crowded during weekends & holidays so be sure to either pop by early to avoid the crowd or do your best to come during weekdays on non-school holidays. I really enjoyed how well the aquarium was done up and it's definitely way bigger than the one in Malaysia!


A few of my favourite section has gotta be the shark, jellyfish & giant ocean dome! The ocean dome is huge and the sheer variety and size of some of the sea creatures in there are just amazing!

Clockwise from left: Colourful Merlion at Sentosa. | My sister calls them the Durian Crabs. | Oh just lookie at that giant spider crab.

Oh, and do plan your timing according to the feeding times. While we were there we didn't get a chance to see any of the feedings or special attractions at all. :(

It's time for cupcakes! Wearing Lilies Tuxedo Romper. :) | Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake & Vanilla Cupcake.

After spending a good hour or two there, we decided we were quite tired and headed back, not before taking a breather at a bench in Sentosa to enjoy our cupcakes from Plain Vanilla! The Chocolate Hazelnut is delectable with the perfect mix of chocolate & hazelnut, while the Vanilla is simple, unfussy and just as tasty!

We happily headed back to where we were staying for a simple dinner & to unwind and plan the next day's activities!

Till next time!
Wei Ni.


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