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Wanderlust: Singapore Day 3

Posted on August 04 2015

Wanderlust: Singapore Day 3

The FINAL leg of our 3 part Singapore post (Read: Day 1 & Day 2)! On our final day, my sister Lulu & I decided to spend the WHOOOOOLE day Riding the Movies at Universal Studios Singapore, because how else are you gonna enjoy all the rides and check out all the shows!

We arrived at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) bright & early just 30 minutes before opening time. When we got there we were surprised to see several lines already formed & ready to go in. A mere 10 minutes before the gates were open we were greet by none other than Po of Kung Fu Panda!

If it's your first time there and you're not there during Singapore exam period, I do suggest getting the Express Pass. You save a lot of time on queueing and if the rides you wanna go on happens to be empty at the time, you get to get on twice! :)

Closest I will ever get to Vin Diesel.

Performance by Rockafellas in front of The Palace for Fast & Furious 7.

Because Lulu likes to participate in anything dance related, here she is as one of the 'backup' dancers for the Rockafellas! Even walked off with a red bandana as a participation token! :) #cosfreebieisfreebie

Lulu doing the WaVeEeEeEeEe!

We were really lucky that the just a week or two before Lulu & I were due at Singapore, the Battlestar Galactica rides were open! :)

Yessss, got to sit on both Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon!

USS currently has a brand new Puss in Boots' Giant Journey ride! When we got to Far Far Away, we were unfortunately informed that the ride was temporarily closed. :(

After checking out other rides & shows, we made it back to Far Far Away and managed to get on! :)

Shrek's hut, before he got an upgrade to the Far, Far Away Castle.
We had very different ideas on how to pose in front of Shrek's house. :P

OOTD Theme: Casually Printed.

As usual, we had an OOTD theme of the day and we decided since we were gonna be outdoors most of the time and really just wanted to feel cool & comfortable our theme of the day was Casually Printed. Which in our minds basically means a bold printed pieces in a casual fashion. :)

Because my GemmaStone Crop Top is awesome! No need for braaaaa! #freedom
Lulu in basically her favourite casual pieces. Evi Muscle Tee & Paperbag Writer Shorts.

While we were there we saw a lot of gorgeous women in full on make-up & stunning clothes (some even in skirts & dresses), we couldn't quite fathom how they kept their make-up so completely budge proof & how they got to enjoy any of the rides in skirts. Would love to know what's their secret to having melt proof make-up!

USS comes equip with water fountains partially everywhere so you need not worry about dehydration. Simply bring your own bottle & refill as necessary. My sister & I brought a couple of granola bars in to eat as we weren't too keen on theme park food prices, but we did stop for a turkey leg as we've (or rather me) always wanted to try one!

The glorious Turkey Leg!

Turkey leg was tasty and best shared with 2 people as after awhile the turkey flavour just felt a bit too strong for my liking. Also, if you're being a hobo like us and decided to just enjoy your turkey leg on the sidewalk be prepared for weird stares and a couple of jealous stares from kids. #youcanthavetheselegs

Aside from the Battlestar Galactica ride, one of my favourites has gotta be Transformers The Ride! It's an action packed 3D ride that's so realistic! Also, as I am a huge fan of Transformers since I was a kid (not necessarily the Michael Bay movies) I had to sit on this ride TWICE! :D

Getting our Transformers fix. :)
Strong like a Transformer!

Would have loved to have gotten a picture with Bumblebee as well, but we were a tad too late. Bummer! :(

One of the most memorable shows that USS had to offer was definitely the velociraptor! I don't know how the raptor was functioning but it's SUPER realistic! It was just in the back of the van stomping around, snapping its teeth and basically trying to grab a bite out of anyone who tried to get near! The lady in charge was informative, quick, witty & oh-so-entertaining! Definitely don't miss this!

It's happy to eat.. I mean see us. :D

After sitting on most of the rides, we decided to walk around and just look for OOTD spots! :)

Because, drama at its best!
Yoga. Yoga. Errrrwhere!
Please just check out the abs on those men. Also, Lulu nailing the Saturday Night Fever pose! #johntravoltawatchout

 To make sure you catch most of the shows through out the day at USS, it's best if you take one of their maps and plan ahead which shows you would like to catch and note them down, as it is very easy to lose track of time and miss a show or two when you're waiting for a ride.

With the Mel's Dinettes! Lulu in Evi Muscle Tee & Paperbag Writer Shorts. Me in GemmaStone Crop Top.

Finally after a long day at USS we finally headed home. Exhausted, feet aching but totally happy! :)

Must have shot of USS!

It's always sad when good things come to an end, but hey that just means it's time to create more good times! :)

Until I see you again Singapore! This is not a goodbye it is a see you later. ;)

Till next time!
Wei Ni.


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