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Wanderlust: Winter in London, Weekend in Paris

Posted on January 09 2015

Wanderlust: Winter in London, Weekend in Paris

I've always been a huge fan of travelling! Visiting & exploring new places, trying out new & different kinds of food and just plain ol' basking in the glory of a great location! Every location is unique in their own ways, the people & their culture, the sights, sounds & smells! As such, I thought this would be a great opportunity to create a new category for my blog titled 'Wanderlust'.

This November I had the opportunity to travel to London for my sister's call to the bar & to also spend a few days exploring London. As my sister & I were only there for a short time, we thought we would throw in a short weekend getaway to Paris! The photos are all taken on my trusty iPhone 4 so forgive me if some shots are not as professional or crisp as they should be.

One of the things I really wanted to do in London was to visit the Harry Potter Studios! Yes, I admit I have a very unhealthy obsession for Harry Potter, I can't explain it but there's just something so magical about the whole series that I just can't help but love!

It was a huge deal for me because I specifically wanted to visit Harry Potter World during Christmas season just so I could truly see everything all decked out in Christmas decorations! Christmas has always been my favourite holiday and it absolutely has nothing to do with the fact that it is also my birthday. :P

Hogwarts Great Hall all decked out for Christmas!

There were just so many things to see & enjoy and to truly visit the sets where all the movie making went down was a really exciting & eye opening experience for me! I loved every moment of it and spent a good 3 hours just trying to see & immerse myself in the whole experience! Call me crazy, but hey, we're all a little bit crazy anyways. :)

The entrance to the headmaster's office. | Quidditch! | And of course, I had to include something fashion related. According the the fashion designers, they progressively made Dolores Umbridge's outfit brighter & brighter in pink as she turned more evil in the film.

Next, it was time for a cup of Butterbeer!

There ain't nothing like a cup of Butterbeer! If you opt to buy their special mug, do remember to bring a plastic bag along as the drink is rather sticky!
All aboard the Knight Bus! Feeling the blues with my Classic Neoprene Midi Skirt!

Right outside No. 4, Privet Drive! | A quick selfie with my sister. | The set of Potter's Cottage.

I wish I could have bought almost EVERYTHING in the gift shop afterwards, but I really didn't know what would I do with a wand... :/

The next day was spent visiting Borough Market and well... eating, eating, eating!

Oysters. Scotch eggs. And of course, coffee!

After all that food, I felt that it was time to burn it all off by walking around London Town!


Walked for a good couple of hours before my sister wanted to kill me so we sat on a double decker bus! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I get excited over double decker buses!

Later that night it was time for dinner & a short walk around town.

There's just something about ice-cream/froyo in winter that's divinely satisfying! Had a short little fun guess the character game with the people at Snog and a few travellers as well! | Harrods all blinged out for Christmas!

Woke up bright & early the next day to go for my sister's call to the bar. After all, that was why I was in London in the first place. :P

After the ceremony, traipsed Middle Temple & all the other temples enjoying the day & taking photos!

Gotta love my Fabulous Fuzzy Sweater for all it's awesome fluffiness that kept me warm! :)
It was really hard trying not to constantly feel the fluff lest I look really awkward in public. #likeholdingachowchow #havingaweirdhashtagmoment

The next day, hopped on to the Eurostar for a 2 hour journey to Paris!

First morning in Paris! We were lucky to have secured a gorgeous place that had a really awesome view of Paris! While it didn't have a direct view to the Eiffel Tower, a short lift ride to the rooftop allowed us to take in this beautiful breathtaking sight. Totally wishing I brought a proper camera!


At Sacre Coeur, it was super crowded & super busy, so if you're there to keep a hand on your belongings so as not to get pick-pocketed!

A beautiful day it was! :)

Moving on, my sister & I went to the Louvre and took a couple of photos outside, as we got there around lunchtime and we felt it would be a waste to spend only half a day inside the Louvre.

It was a rather sunny & warm day, so managed to throw off my coat & bask in the glory of the sun! Aaaaah, how I've missed you!
Wearing Cozy Me Sweater over a basic button down white shirt.

At the exquisite Notre Dame!

Just behind the Notre Dame there was a little park. :) Kicking up fallen leaves in my brand new & beloved Zara pleather pants & Cozy Me Sweater in Black! It was a monochromatic kinda day.

After the Notre Dame, it was by chance we found the famous Love Lock Bridge!

As I am not particularly that romantic, I didn't feel the need to put a lock on the bridge. Totally didn't help that there was a guy selling us locks, making the whole thing seem rather un-special.

On Sunday, it was onwards to the Eiffel tower!

Spent a good half day at the Eiffel tower before calling it a day. We walked up to the second tier before we took a lift up to the very top! The view was breathtaking despite it's fogginess!
Here wearing my trusty Anastasia Tulle Maxi Skirt.

On the next day, we woke up bright & early to catch the Eurostar back to London and then it was off to catch our flight back home.

But not before a cup of gingerbread latte at Costa's with a gingerbread man in a foam of whipped cream which I promptly decapitated. Oops. :D

It was a wonderful & beautiful trip which I wish I had more time to really see & explore each of the locations, but no worries! There'll always be next time. :)

Till next time,
Wei Ni.


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