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What I Wore: 5 Days, 5 Looks

Posted on November 08 2016

What I Wore: 5 Days, 5 Looks

Hey everyone! 

It's not very often that I get to dress up 5 days in a row for a semi-formal event. As most events go, the space tends to be air-conditioned which essentially translates to way-too-cold-for-my-comfort, nevertheless I was determined to strive on for fashion! 

These are the 5 looks I wore from Monday to Friday. 


I started with a classic look that I was very comfortable with, crop top & culottes combo. This one is comfortable & effortless for an early Monday session. The long sleeved basic crop top helped keep me warm while the culottes & heels with a simple necklace helped to elevate the look to a more semi-formal look. 


I woke up that morning not really in the mood to play match up with any tops & bottoms so I threw on this simple navy & white striped midi dress that ends just above the knee for me and threw on a quilted jacket to keep me warm. Completed the look with pumps & I was out the door! 


I wanted to go for the classic work chic look and paired up a timeless fitted black midi skirt with a fluttery sleeved top that ends just at the navel. Pulled my hair back for a clean & chic look and went with a pair of caged heels. 


There was a fashion event I had to run off to later so I decided to go utilitarian with my look to stand out from the crowd. The rich army green dress is comfortable yet long enough to be appropriate for a semi-formal occasion while the wedges kept things edgy and fun. I let my hair down before the event for a head of soft waves. 


It's the last day of the semi-formal event and I wanted to go comfortable! Paired up a flirty camisole with a pair of low waist tapered pants for a chic, almost bedroom-to-boardroom vibe. Kept my shoulders warm with a quilted jacket and heels to complete the look. 

Let me know in the comments below, which is your favourite. :) 

Wei Ni. 


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