Chan Sung Jung was a ‘zombie’ until the end… Fists thrown while down, Holloway finally knocked out “I’m done,” announces full retirement

Chan Sung Jung (36-Korean Zombie MMA-AOMG) was a “Korean Zombie” until the very end. Even when everyone thought it was over, he didn’t give up, charging at his opponent and throwing punches even when he was down. That’s how the career of Korean mixed martial arts legend Chung Chan Sung came to an end.

Chung was knocked out by a right hook 23 seconds into the third round of their featherweight bout in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie (UFC on ESPN 52) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Nov. 27 (KST).

The No. 8-ranked featherweight fought the No. 1-ranked Holloway, whom he had been dying to fight, but it was a disappointing finish for the No. 8-ranked Chung.

Another zombie in my dreams… Chan Sung Jung vs. Holloway, a dream matchup with an ‘idol’
Chan Sung Jung was entering his 13th year in the UFC with a 7-4 record (17-7 overall). He had powerful punches and equally powerful ground skills, but it was his fearless, “zombie-like” demeanor that made him a household name.

Chung, who was quickly rising through the ranks and earning title shots, also had a role model in Holloway, who showed him respect at every opportunity. Holloway entered the UFC a year later than he did, but he made his way to the championship by playing an aggressive game that fans loved. He’s now 20-7 in the UFC (24-7 overall) and has expressed his desire to fight him again.

“Holloway doesn’t have a punch,” he taunted after his win over Dan Ige two years ago. This was a bit of a surprise coming from a man who has always been confident and reserved. Chung also admitted that he was eager to take on Holloway.

After Holloway lost his championship belt to Volkanowski and fought him twice more, Chung fell to No. 8 after being knocked out by Volkanowski. It seemed unlikely that the two would ever meet, but an unexpected callout from Holloway led to a dream matchup.

“He’s the only fighter of our time that I haven’t met,” Holloway said, adding, “If Korean Zombie wants to fight, we can fight. I really want to fight him,” and Jung Chan Sung responded, and the matchup was finalized.

“Holloway is the most zombie-like player I’ve ever seen,” Jung said at a recent press conference, expressing his excitement for the upcoming match.

“At first, I thought it would be an honor to fight him because he was a player I always liked and respected, but I hadn’t fought him before,” he said, adding, “It’s no different from how I treated my previous opponents. I have no intention of losing to such a legendary opponent,” he said.

Chung cited physical strength as a factor. He said, “He’s a good fighter. In the end, I think it will come down to who has the edge physically,” he said, “I prepared more physically. I prepared myself so that I would be less tired.”

This will be the 10th consecutive main event. This is the first time in the history of Korean fighting. “If I win, the No. 1 in the world will be in Korea,” said Chung. It will be a good motivation for Korean fighters,” he said. “To be really honest, it’s an undeniable fact that all Korean fighters should follow me. I’m not saying they have to be like me, but they have to go through the same things that I went through, whether it’s having a career, continuing to do main events, or being under pressure. If I can reach the heights I’ve reached, it will be a goal for them,” he says with pride and a sense of mission.

Holloway is certainly motivated. The recent wildfires in her home state of Hawaii have been devastating. “The Hawaiian government has failed to support those affected by the fires,” he says, “and during this difficult time, the Hawaiian community, the state of Hawaii, and the people of Hawaii have come together to support each other. “The community of Hawaii, the people of Hawaii, have stepped up, and the world has stepped up, and the UFC has stepped up to help. It’s a really tough time. I’ve talked about the people who lost their lives in the fires, and I want to dedicate my entrance to those heroes.” Holloway fought back tears as he spoke.

“For the first time in my UFC career, I’ll be wearing red (Hawaii’s state color) shorts,” he said, “I’ve only worn black before, but I was given permission for this fight. I’m going into this fight knowing that Hawaii is always there for me.”

Chung Chansung and the fans chanted “Zombie” as the highly anticipated first round began… “Dae~Korea” rang out in the stadium.
The Cranberries’ “Zombie” echoed through the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and many fans chanted “Zombie” to welcome Chung. Chung slowly made his way to the Octagon, cheered on by his fans.

At the buzzer of the fifth round, he swung a powerful leg kick and began his cautious exploration. The arena was buzzing with fans chanting “Holloway” and “Zombie. Chung landed a powerful left hand in the first round. Holloway came out strong, but Chung was also caught off-guard by a powerful shot that knocked him off-center for a moment.

Chung looked confident as he gestured for Holloway to come in. After the midway point of the first round, Chung began to pressure Holloway with his in-boxing style. Chants of “Korea” began to ring out in the stadium as Chung dug in and landed a straight left hand. Holloway’s face began to turn red.

The pressure was on Holloway, who switched positions and landed a right jab. The first round came to a close with a fierce flurry of punches that had the crowd on their feet.

After being knocked down by Chung’s punch, Chung didn’t give up until the end… Last words and hot tears “I’m done”
The second round started with much anticipation, but a single punch from Holloway caught Chung off-center. He went down and was choked, and it looked like it might be the end of the fight.

But Chung was the zombie that he is, and he fought his way out of the situation, overcoming the back position and eventually regaining his standing position. He was staggered by another effective strike, but he kept moving forward.

The action slowed down noticeably, but Chung remained calm and breathing. When he made an okay move, Holloway unleashed a barrage of attacks, and Chung turned into a zombie as he returned fire. Every moment was a crisis. His steps were noticeably slower compared to the first round. But Chung managed to hold on.

From the start of the third round, the battle was fierce. It looked like the game was on the line. Several powerful punches were exchanged, but Chung was not in good shape and was eventually knocked down by Holloway’s conversion right hook. The desperation in his eyes was evident as he continued to throw punches while down.

But it was too much for him to take, and the referee stopped the fight. The result: KO loss. After celebrating in the Octagon, Holloway immediately approached Chung to check on him, and they embraced in a show of respect. Grabbing the microphone, Holloway told Chung, “Korean Zombie is a legend. Shout it out,” he said, showing respect to the end.

“I can’t talk about the race,” Holloway said. My heart goes out to the people of Hawaii,” he said, adding, “Korean Zombie is a legend and a mystery. I was just lucky that my punch went in first.”

토토사이트 “I’ll stop,” he said, “I thought I was going to cry, but I don’t have any tears. I’m a guy who wants to be a champion. I sincerely thought I could beat Holloway, and I prepared without regret. I’m not fighting to be third, fourth or fifth. When I see that I can’t beat the top guys, I think it’s time to call it quits.” Sighs echoed around the arena.

Chung couldn’t hide his tears as he took off his gloves and bowed in the Octagon. He was embraced by his teammates and the cameras focused on him, not Holloway, the champion.

His chants rang out on his way out, and he hugged and chatted with his wife, Park Sun-young, for a long time. Fans chanted “Zombie” as he walked away. As he walked off the field, Chung shook hands with the crowd and said “thank you” and “thank you” as he left. Just like that, the Korean Zombie was off the UFC stage.

3 straight wins → 3 straight losses, ‘Sting of release’, Choi Seung Woo comes back to life
In an undercard featherweight bout, Choi, 31, earned a three-round unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) against Dutch kickboxer Yarno Ehrens (USA). With the win, Choi snaps a three-fight losing streak and improves to 4-5 in the UFC and 11-6 overall in mixed martial arts.

After adjusting to the UFC and raising his stock with a three-fight winning streak, Choi was on the verge of being released when he dropped three straight, but he got his chance against Ehrens.

After an exploratory first round that failed to produce any significant points, Choi was dropped by an uppercut early in the second, and the clock ticked away as he struggled to escape the ensuing ground-and-pound. Struggling to get out of the back position, Choi used a moment of strength to take his opponent down, and then pressured Ehrens from the top position until the end of the second round.

In the third round, Choi racked up points with his trademark striking and mixed in leg kicks, and Ehrens lost strength under the stacking damage. Choi seized the opportunity. He aggressively pounced on his tired opponent, gaining the upper hand in top position and popping the champagne in the closing seconds with submissions. Unfortunately for Choi, the bell rang to end the match.

After the decision, Choi took the microphone and said, “I felt much stronger in this match,” promising more to come.