‘Change in Thinking’ by Donghyun Cho and ‘Change in Attitude’ by Gage Prim

A change of mindset and attitude. It was the driving force behind the Hyundai Mobis’ three-game losing streak.

“I tried to change myself, and I thought of many ways to do it, but it didn’t work, so this is what I thought of,” said Cho Dong-hyun in the postgame interview.

Lee, who visited the interview room after being named the Man of the Match, said of Gage Primm, who finished with 41 points, 14 rebounds and three assists, “He’s always good. Today, I think he hung in there too well. Actually, there were one or two scenes where I could have gotten upset. I think he’s calmed down a little bit since he got sick. The team talks to him a lot. We have to wait and see. It’s frustrating when those scenes happen. But we have to restrain him. We have to play the game.”

Over the course of the 45-minute game, there was a clear change in the way Cho and Prim looked, and they became the unseen driving force behind the victory.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis defeated Daegu KOGAS 81-80 in overtime in a thrilling 2023-24 regular-season professional basketball game at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium on Nov. 18.

The game started brightly. After a 22-point run, Hyundai Mobis scored 15 points to open the game with a seven-point lead. In the second quarter, the weaknesses of the past three consecutive losses came back to haunt them. The offense was frustrating. The offense was inflexible and distracted, and scoring was slow. The defense also cracked, falling behind by eight points at 13-25. They ended the first half with a five-point lead, 35-40.

In the third quarter, Hyundai Mobis came out strong again. Their focus increased midway through and they managed to keep the game close. At one point, they lost an eight-point lead, but they managed to balance it out with a series of quick attacks.

The game was still tied at 40 minutes. The game was tied at 69-69 going into the fourth quarter.

The game went to overtime, and despite conceding the first basket, they were able to pull out a thrilling one-point victory with a Prim three-pointer that found the rim at the buzzer.

First of all, Prim never got frustrated throughout the game. After a nervous debut that saw him pick up a number of technical fouls and disrupt the flow of the game, this was a 180-degree turnaround.

Despite the fact that there were moments that could have left her nervous, she kept her composure and played 35 minutes and 42 seconds, which not only helped her performance, but also had a synergistic effect on her teammates.

As a result, he had the added bonus of setting career-highs in six events this season.

“After the last game against Samsung in Seoul, we delivered a strong message. There was a point where Prim’s attitude was definitely hurting his performance. I told him, ‘You can’t change it. Let’s focus on the game. If you continue to do this, it will be difficult for us to play together.”

As mentioned above, there are some moments where the players sympathize, but it was Koo who convinced Prim to use a stronger tone in his communication with the keyword ‘restraint’.

It clearly worked on this day. Prim seemed to keep his composure throughout the game, which helped him play well and win the game.

Coach Cho also took a different approach from the previous game. First, he minimized his communication with the referee. In the previous game, he often talked to the referee, but he did so less often. He also changed the way he communicated his thoughts to his players. Instead of using a strong tone, he used calmness as a keyword to communicate with his players.

He seemed to have changed his approach when the team went from a winning streak at the beginning of the season to a difficult one after losing back-to-back games.

As mentioned above. Despite the departure of Signe-Jin and Park Mubin, it was not a situation that could have changed the composition of the squad, but rather the current situation of Hyundai Mobis, where Cho made changes to his communication methods, which worked positively in the game and led to a win and a loss.

There is no guarantee that this method will be successful in the end. However, the change of the prime was essential, and Cho was able to achieve the effect of communication by mentally communicating the keyword of flexibility with the players. 캡틴토토 도메인