China defeats Vietnam 2:1 in a close game…bronze medal

After failing to overcome the barrier of South Korea, China defeated Vietnam to claim the bronze medal.

The Chinese national team of Bin-Jie-Jie, Night-Elk, and Meiko pulled off a hard-fought victory over Vietnam in the LoL bronze medal match at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Monday. They lost one set, and the final set they won didn’t come easy.

Still reeling from their 2:0 loss to Team Korea the day before, the Chinese got off to a slow start. They lost the first set to Vietnam’s aggressive offense with Bottom taking the lead. The well-developed Kaisa on ‘Artemis’ was able to recover Tristana on ‘Katie’ after she was ganked by her opponent, and even managed to get a kill on the reverse.

It was unexpected for China to lose the first set against Vietnam, as they were considered to be a strong rival to the favorites, Korea. After being hit with the blow, China replaced Jungle with sixth man ‘��’ to liven things up, and the result was a sweep in the second set. In particular, ‘Knight’, who held the jace, showed a huge presence with a 12/1/9.

The final three sets would decide the medal. China took the lead, but Vietnam’s pursuit was frightening. They continued to create difficulties centered on the Goku-Lakan team of ‘Casa-Bie’ and caught up with China. At around the 21st minute, Vietnam boldly launched a hantai and managed to get three kills and a baron without any casualties. It was the moment when Global Gold turned the tide.

However, there would be no more upsets. Global Gold won a one-sided victory, showing their superior one-hit focus even when they were outnumbered by more than 5,000. Nico on ‘Knight’ and Lel on ‘Meiko’ laid down the law with their AoE ultimates, and the dealers responded perfectly. In the end, China won every last one of them to secure the bronze medal. 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, the gold medal match will take place tonight (April 29) at 8 p.m. KST. Their final opponent is Chinese Taipei, who they defeated 2:0 in an evaluation match on April 12.