Go ‘Aiming for Double’ Shin Shin-seo Wins Fourth in a Row in Group Stage of Individual Competition… Leading the Pack

Shin Shin-seo 9, who is bidding to win a second consecutive title in the sport that has been recognized as an official sport for 13 years, has gained momentum with four straight wins.

Shin Shin-seo (9) defeated Shibano Toramaru (9) in 166 moves in the fourth round of Group A qualifying for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Qiyuan Chess Hall in Hangzhou, China, on Friday.

It was the fourth consecutive win for Hsin-Hsieh, who also won the third game against Hsiu Hao-Hung (Chinese Taipei) in 124 moves earlier in the day.

Shin’s four wins were the lone victories in Group A, allowing him to cruise to the top of the group. In the first round of the group stage, Xin 9th swept aside Yang Dingxin 9th (CHINA), a strong contender for the top spot in the group, and then went on to defeat the Japanese and Chinese Taipei knights.

After his fourth consecutive victory, Shin Shin-seo 9th dan said, “I practiced for two months before the Asian Games. I was worried because I wasn’t feeling well before coming to China, but now I’m feeling much better,” he said, adding, “Living in the athletes’ village is not as comfortable as living in Korea, but it’s okay because I’m living with coach Mok Jin-seok, coach Hong Min-pyo, and 9th dan Park Jung-hwan. I will do my best to give everyone a good time. I will prepare well for the remaining competitions and try to win the gold medal.”

Xin 9 will play the fifth game against Singapore’s amateur Koo Jee Hui on Saturday morning.

Shin is the clear favorite. He has been at the top of the domestic rankings for 45 months and recently won the Ng Sibae. His form is so dominant that he is considered a strong favorite in China.

Playing individually alongside Shin, Park Park-hwan 9th dan defeated Japan’s Ryo Ichiriki 9th dan in 256 moves in the fourth round of Group B. The victory was especially significant as Ichiriki is a Japanese powerhouse with 19 victories in Japanese games 메이저사이트.

After losing the first game on the morning of the 24th to Kirze (China) 9-dan, Park Jung-hwan 9-dan recorded his first win with a minor draw in the second game and added two more wins on the day to improve to 3-1. Park will play the fifth game against Chinese Taipei’s Lai Jun-Fu 8.

After winning two gold medals in the men’s team and mixed events 13 years ago, Park will try to win the individual event.

A total of 18 players will compete in the men’s individual event, divided into two groups of nine. Opponents for the first round of qualification will be randomly drawn, and the second through sixth rounds will be played using the “Swiss system,” where players with similar winning percentages will face each other, with the top four qualifying for the quarterfinals.