‘I’m not a Tottenham praiser!”…this is how he sees Spurs ‘winning’ the title’ Arsenal legend praises Spurs nemesis “Your nails look great!”

Tottenham’s run in the English Premier League (EPL) continues.

After 10 rounds of the 2023-24 season, Spurs are undefeated in the EPL. With eight wins, two draws, and 26 points, they are first in the league. In the absence of star striker Harry Kane, Son Heung-min has stepped up to the plate and is tied for second in goals with eight. It’s Tottenham fever.

The view that Tottenham can’t win the title is slowly changing. With this kind of momentum, there’s no reason they can’t win the title.

But now, a legend from Arsenal, Spurs’ biggest rival and arch-enemy, is singing their praises. He’s never been one to sing Spurs’ praises in the past, but he couldn’t help but praise their current form. The Gunners are putting together an intense and impressive run.

At the center of it all is Arsenal’s former manager, Arsène Wenger, one of the greatest names in the club’s history. He is the longest-serving manager in Arsenal’s history, having been in charge for 22 years, from 1996 to 2018.

He won three EPL titles and seven FA Cups. In 2003-04, he led the Gunners to a mythical 26 wins and 12 draws, the first unbeaten season in the EPL. Wenger is Arsenal’s greatest manager and Tottenham’s most despised.

Wenger spoke to BeIN Sports about Tottenham’s chances of winning the title. “I always like to say what I really feel,” Wenger said. “I always like to say what I really feel, and deep down, I think Tottenham will be one of the contenders to win the EPL this season,” Wenger said.

“Tottenham have signed James Maddison, who is a great player,” Wenger continued. Maddison is the link from the second line to the front line. He adds technical creativity to the team.” 토스카지노 도메인

The defense has also been strengthened. “Tottenham have signed Mickey van der Penne,” Wenger said. I think it’s a very special signing. Tottenham had a weakness in defense. Hugo Lloris was out of form,” Wenger said.

Of course, ‘nails’ were not left out of the Tottenham frenzy. “Son Heung-min has moved to the center and he looks very good,” Wenger raved.