Johor ‘no-card’ for hitting opponent in face with kick → Ulsan warned for protesting… Iranian referee’s ‘strange’ decision could have dominated game

A strange call.

The Asian Champions League (ACL) Group I match between Ulsan Hyundai and Johor Darul Taqzim (Malaysia) took place at the Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on Thursday. Iranian referee Alireza Faghani was in charge of the match.

Ulsan met Johor in the ACL group stage last year and lost both times. Both were 1-2 losses, so Ulsan was eager to face Johor. And Ulsan came out ahead despite playing a partial rotation. Head coach Hong Myung-bo left defender Kim Young-kwon off the roster altogether. Kim Ji-hyun replaced Lee In-gyu and Martin Adam up front. Rubikson, Ataru, and Bojanic also got a chance to start.

Ulsan opened the scoring in the third minute of the first half with a goal from Jung Seung-hyun, followed by back-to-back goals from Rubiksson, to take a three-goal lead in the first 17 minutes. Johor continued to play rough as Ulsan scored back-to-back goals, with striker Bersson constantly colliding with Ulsan defenders. However, referee Pagani was strict with Ulsan and lenient with Johor.

Early on, Jung Seung-hyun received a first-half warning. This was after a collision with Berson. The collision occurred outside the touchline and only Jung was cautioned. This led to Hong expressing his displeasure.

The next incident came in the 24th minute. This time, it was Johor’s Bersson. Bersson got into a contest with Ulsan defender Kim Tae-hwan. The ball was played out, but Bersson kicked the loose ball hard. The ball left Bersson’s foot and landed directly in the face of Ulsan Bacco, who was warming up off the field.

Seeing this, Kim Tae-hwan strongly protested against Bersson. Referee Pagani harshly warned Kim Tae-hwan for his protest. However, he did not give Bersson a warning. Here, Kim’s warning had a “butterfly effect” and came back to haunt him.

Kim Tae-hwan made a tackle to stop Johor Corbinon in the 35th minute. The referee immediately approached Kim Tae-hwan and gave him another warning. Kim was sent off for accumulating cautions. Kim Tae-hwan made a gesture of disagreement, but the referee didn’t change his mind. Ulsan played the rest of the game with a numerical disadvantage. They were forced to make an inevitable change, bringing striker Rubikson into the defense. Throughout the first half, Johor didn’t receive a single warning. Luckily (?), in the second half, a Johor player was also cautioned. Luckily (?), Ulsan conceded a goal but held on for the win. 온라인카지노