Kim Eunji “If I win, Master Choi will…”

Last night, I left the Supporting Auction Boat up until after 10:30pm. During the day today, I played the Chinese Women’s Shellfish League until around dinner time. After taking a break for about an hour, I sat down at the Jiji Auction Boat table again in the evening.

Tomorrow, the important Samsung Flower Cultivation Domestic Selection Tournament awaits during the day. The next day, she will attend the opening ceremony of the Haeseong Women’s Qiqi during the day and play in the women’s league at night. It’s all important.

There is still August left, and I have 21 games in August. I traveled to China and trained at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village. We also had an unofficial national team trial. Outside of travel days and the training camp, we played every day.

As of August 29, the team has played 110 official games this year. That’s not quite up to last year’s 174 games, but it’s still a killer. When I asked her if she was tired before the tournament, she laughed and said, “I’m fine.”

Playing a ‘double-header’ on the 29th, Kim Eun-ji 6th dan took care of both games day and night. After playing the Chinese Women’s Go League for nearly five hours from 1:00 p.m., she defeated Kim Chan-woo 6 dan in the 18th round of the 17th Jiji Auction Ship Gentlemen’s vs. Ladies’ Series, which started at 7:00 p.m.

In the first match against Kim Chan-woo 6th dan, Kim Eun-ji 6th dan overcame a midgame deficit to reach 227 with four moves remaining. Kim made three unfortunate moves that cost her points.

After stopping Ahn Jo-young 9’s four-game winning streak the day before, Kim Eun-ji 6 won her second straight game. The ladies, who were down 1-7 at one point, pulled within two points of the men’s team at 8-10 at the halfway point. 소닉카지노

The remaining players in each camp are Lee Chang-ho, Cho Han-seung, Choi Myung-hoon, and Baek Dae-hyun, 9th dan, for the men, and Kim Eun-ji, 6th dan, and Choi Jeong, 9th dan, for the women. That’s four to two. Baek Dae-hyun 9-dan will be the ninth player for the men’s team in the fast-tracked 19-nation event next Monday. Kim Eun-ji 6 dan won one match in the YK dry run qualifier last year.

After the game, Kim Eun-ji 6 dan responded to the commentator’s question, “Can you give Choi Jung a break at this point?” by saying, “I think Master Choi Jung will be a little disappointed if I win everything (laughs), so I will win as much as I can.”

In the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Jiji Auction Boat, where the men’s and women’s teams compete against each other in a 12-on-12 match, the winner takes home a prize of 120 million won. The men’s team has won seven times and the women’s team nine times.