Kim Yeon-kyung sends gifts to alumni of her alma mater amid controversy

The last keyword is “Kim Yeon-kyung”.

The so-called “volleyball queen”.

This is the news about Kim Yeon-kyung.

This photo was posted on the official SNS of a high school in Gyeonggi Province on the 22nd.

Students are holding a lot of drinks.

It was a gift from Kim to the school, her alma mater.

It seems that the students were so grateful that they shared it with the world.

Kim’s gesture also sets a good example for younger athletes. 메이저놀이터

Several players who currently play for the national volleyball team received the Kim Yeon-kyung scholarship when they were in school, so it is known that Kim has been working hard to nurture young athletes.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-young, who was virtually retired from the Korean volleyball scene due to the bullying controversy, has continued to reveal that she was bullied by Kim Yeon-kyung in the past.

“We will take a hard line against malicious reports,” Kim’s agency said.