“Lee Kang-in, personable and fast” Tunisia coach tongue-in-cheek

Tunisia national soccer team coach Jalel Khadri has praised Lee Kang-in (22-Paris Saint-Germain).

Tunisia lost 0-4 in an exhibition match against the South Korean national soccer team at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

Tunisia struggled against South Korea throughout the match. Despite launching several sharp counterattacks, led by key striker Hannibal Mebry (Manchester United), they were unable to find the Korean goal. After a solid first half, Tunisia conceded four goals in the second half. 메이저놀이터

After the game, Coach Khadri said, “Congratulations to the Korean team. The game was difficult, as we knew before the game. It’s a heavy result. We traveled 48 hours to get here and the jet lag took a toll on us. Korea pressed hard and we held on in the first half. We had a very good first half, but in the second half we conceded the first and second goals due to individual mistakes. We conceded two goals and didn’t concentrate properly. We learn from friendly matches. Congratulations again to Korea. We will try to stay focused for the next 90 minutes.”

The difference in performance between the first and second halves was significant. “The biggest reason is stamina,” said Kadri. The players were tired even this morning because of the time difference. We managed to hold on in the first half, but in the second half we struggled. Individual mistakes led to problems. Our team tactics were also weak.”

One player who impressed was Lee Kang-in. Lee found the back of the net in the 10th minute of the second half from a free kick he earned himself. After scoring his first goal on his A-match debut, Lee completed his hat-trick just two minutes later with another left-footed strike. Although the goal was disallowed, Lee made an impact as a corner kicker in the 22nd minute.

Coach Kadri said, “Among the Korean players, I am impressed with the attacking line and number 18 Lee Kang-in. He has great individual skills and is fast, which can make a difference. We knew they were good at free kicks. We couldn’t solve this problem today,” he added.

Earlier, Qadri had spoken highly of Korea. “It’s similar to Europe,” he said, and he hasn’t changed his mind. “It’s not just the players, they’re fast and fit. They have all the elements of modern soccer. They are a strong team,” he said, giving them a thumbs up.