NC’s Kim Hwi-gun, a ‘second-year rookie’ who offered his right arm to become president, is a bumbling wreck of a man.

“I’ll give my right arm for the NC Dinos” Kim Hwi-geon, the fifth overall pick in the rookie draft and the first player to wear the NC Dinos jersey, made manager Lim Sun-nam smile with his colorful talk before joining the team.

The 2024 KBO Rookie Draft was held at the Westin Chosun Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sogong-dong, Seoul on April 14. With the fifth overall pick, NC manager Lim Sun-nam selected fireballer Whimungo Kim.

Kim is a right-handed pitcher with a 153-kilometer fastball, a heavy delivery, a smooth pitching form, excellent physical condition, and unlimited potential. With a solid physique that stood out among the 191cm 105km rookies in the draft, Kim ended up in the arms of the NC Dinos.

The draft site was filled with laughter as a young boy with a young face took the stage. “I will support my right arm for NC,” Kim said, followed by a colorful speech. In the commemorative photo after the draft, Kim made his friends smile with his wacky charm. He casually walked over to the center and took the center spot vacated by Hanwha’s Hwang Jun-seo and Doosan’s Kim Taek-yeon.

In fact, the seat belonged to fictional President Heo Gu-yeon. The embarrassed host said, “This is the seat of NC Kim Hwi Gun,” and Kim Hwi Gun stood up in surprise. His friends around him burst out laughing at his quirky behavior.

At the rookie draft, head coach Lim Sun-nam personally dressed Kim in an NC Dinos jersey with “24 Kim Hwi-gun” on it. On that day, the NC scouting team wore the NC Dinos’ unique draft striped jerseys together to symbolize the spirit of the players at the moment of their first pick.

Speaking about the reason for the selection, Lim said, “As you can see, Kim is an extraordinary starting resource with excellent physical condition, athleticism, and explosive pitches. I think he has unlimited potential. I didn’t hesitate to nominate him because I was confident that we could turn his potential into reality through our development system. I believe that in the near future, our fans will be able to see him standing on the mound at Changwon NC Park and throwing the ball with power. The club will do its best,” he said and returned to his seat.

When he was handed a microphone, Kim showed off his colorful mouth, and the baseball officials on the scene smiled at the confident rookie.

“I have something to say,” he began, “Hello, I’m the 116th pitcher of Whimungo. I would like to thank the officials of the NC club for selecting me as the first player. I would like to thank the chairman, principal, manager, and coach of Whimungo who guided me to this point. And I would like to thank my parents, who have suffered the most. They have always believed in me and supported me, so I could get to this point. I love you, mom and dad,” he said in his prepared remarks.

Kim took a shaky breath and continued with his prepared remarks. “Finally, I was born in Changwon, I started playing baseball in Changwon, and I grew up watching the NC Dinos as a child and dreamed of becoming a baseball player. I eventually came back to NC, so I will return the love that the NC Dinos gave me 1,000 times. I will give my right arm for the NC Dinos,” he said.

The unexpected rookie’s colorful words made Lim and the scouting team smile. 카지노

When asked how long he had been preparing to be the emcee, he said, “Actually, I’ve been working hard since two days ago, but I’m sorry that I didn’t do as well as I thought I would, but I’m glad that I did.” He smiled.

When asked what she wants to do the most, she said, “I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I want to eat a lot of delicious food and get a good night’s sleep.”

Finally, when asked which senior at NC he would like to meet the most, he said, “There are so many great seniors that I can’t choose just one. I would like to be a player who can be called a role model when asked about a role model in the future,” he said, showing off his colorful mouth to the end.