Overpowering Zenji Takes T1, Wins in Three Sets

With all three liners stepping up and shaking up the opposition, T1 pulled off the upset, sending the series to a one-set final.

T1 won in three sets in the winner’s final of the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer 2023 playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. 먹튀검증

After Renekton and Maokai opened the game with a kill on Sejuani in front of the Herald’s Nest, Genji took out Sejuani again in the jungle, and after T1 succeeded in killing the first dragon, Sejuani scored his third kill on the way out, but Jaya picked up Jerry in the bottom lane. Genji’s troops entered behind the Herald’s nest and targeted the level 5 Sejuani, but the level 6 Sejuani fought back in a crunch, taking down Maokai along with the timely arrival of the T1 troops, while Jaya took down Jerry again in the lower zone.

After summoning the Herald in the bottom lane and taking the first stack of dragons, Jenji positioned himself on the Herald side and began to strike, while the slowly approaching T1 took the Herald Steel and Jaya double-killed for four kills and a second stack of dragons. After summoning a Herald in the bottom lane to take down the second tower, T1 went on the offensive, picking up three more kills to push into the opponent’s lane and take down the bottom inhibitor, while the top lane matched Genji’s onslaught, picking up four kills to rush in and buff the baron.

Regrouping, T1 rushed towards Genji and opened up the engagement, pressing for the last resistance and destroying the nexus before the baron buff could be removed, earning the second set point.