PGA’s ‘Stars of the Stars’ picked…Kim starts tied for 14th

It flies 160 meters and lands directly in the hole cup. It’s a tournament for the best players in the PGA.

What does it take to be the biggest star in this “war of the stars?


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I try to get the ball up and over the island-like green in one shot, but it goes into the water.

To make matters worse, you’re only a meter away from the hole, but your ball sails around the cup.

It was the pressure of the Tour Championship that stopped No. 1 Scotty Schaeffler in his tracks.

[Scottie Schaeffler/PGA Tour: It was definitely frustrating, I made a bad swing on the par-3 15th].

Third-place Rory McIlroy gets his ball close to the pin, and fourth-place Jon Rahm gets it even closer.

[What a shot!]

The spectacular shots continued as only the top 30 in FedEx Points, the best hitters on the PGA Tour, were in the field – not favorable conditions for Joo Hyung Kim, who suffered an ankle injury in his first start of the year. 온라인카지노

[KIM Joo-hyung/PGA TOUR: It’s not really healed yet, my ankle is a little stiff, but I’m still icing it… Some of the guys have been here 10 times, so they feel comfortable coming (the day before) and playing, but it’s not a golf course I’ve been to before…]

Worries were short-lived, though, and by the end of the first half, Kim had fully settled in and was holing putts as accurate as a ruler, dropping three shots in the second half alone.

Tied for 14th on the first day.

Five strokes off the lead and within striking distance.

It was Morikawa of the USA who showed the most control.

One eagle and seven birdies without a bogey put him in a tie for first place on day one.