“Please let me play a little longer,” Seok Hyun-joon appeals for leniency… 父, “It’s all my fault”

Former national soccer player Seok Hyun-jun (32), who was sent to trial for failing to return home without a valid reason despite being notified by the Military Service Administration, has appealed for leniency.

“If you allow me to play a little longer as a soccer player, I will repay the people with all my passion,” Seok said at the appeal hearing for violation of the Military Service Act, held by the Suwon District Court Criminal Matters Division 2 (Deputy Chief Judge Park Pyeong-soo) on June 6.

“I realized the seriousness of the situation only after the contractual relationship became tangled and the situation deteriorated,” he said, adding, “I am remorseful and will promptly fulfill my military service obligations.”

Seok joined Ajax in 2011 and has played in Europe for Maritime, FC Porto, and Troyes. He also earned 15 caps for the South Korean national team, scoring five goals.

During his stay in France, he was notified by the military to return home by June 3, 2019. However, he was put on trial for failing to return by that date without a valid reason.

In the first trial, which was held in June, the court sentenced him to two years’ imprisonment with probation in August, stating that “his crimes, such as living in a foreign country after the expiration of his overseas residence permit and failing to return home without a valid reason, are not good and strict punishment is inevitable considering the purpose of the current law to secure a fair military service order.”

Seok then filed an appeal, arguing that the first sentence was too severe. The prosecution did not appeal, and the appeal decision hearing was held today.

“In other military service law violation cases, the defendant has no problem studying or earning a living during the probation period, but soccer players are not allowed to play or coach for two years after the probation period ends, according to the regulations,” said Seok’s defense attorney. “Although the defendant did something wrong, please consider that he was playing soccer at a young age and could not properly respond to contractual relationships.” 메이저놀이터

Mr. Seok’s father, who attended the hearing, said, “Everything was done by me, and he doesn’t know much about it.” “I ask for a sentence so that my son can serve society and live a good life,” he said.

Meanwhile, the prosecution asked the court to dismiss the defendant’s appeal. The second sentencing will be held on March 18.