PO Elimination DK “Mid-to-late operation-object determination is disappointing, I will improve it and go to the Rold Cup”

After failing to advance to the second round of the playoffs, DK talks about their resolve going forward.

DK lost to T1 3-1 in Game 2 of the first round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Monday.

Below is an interview with the team after the game.

How did you feel after the game?

Head coach Choi Cheon-ju: In terms of the game, we made good plays in the early and mid game, but we lacked the backbone. Summer is over, but the selection tournament is not, so we will work on our mid-to-late game until then.

Shoemaker: We didn’t execute well at key moments. I think that was the loss.

Most regrettable moment

Coach Choi: I’m thinking of the last set right now. It was a good situation for us to put the baron on the line and prolong the game, but we were too rushed, and that’s what I regret.

Shoemaker: All the games we lost were won in front of the objective. I don’t think I did a good job in every single moment. I was disappointed with all of those shots.

What was your biggest disappointment in front of the object?

Showmaker: It wasn’t the call, it was the fact that we wanted to take it slow and it didn’t work out. Even though I saw Zeus rotating and Keria’s position, I ended up starting the engagement at a disadvantage.

Can the team improve its mid-to-late game operations before the selection round?

Coach Choi Cheon-ju: I don’t know if it’s appropriate to talk about this after losing a match. Since the end of the second round, we’ve been training and working on our mid-to-late game and improving our object situation as our first goal. It’s getting a lot better. I wanted to show that part of my game today, but I think I’ve made some improvements in my execution. I still need to work on objects.

How does the team feel about the current situation?

CHOI Cheon-ju: I don’t think we feel any pressure about the situation. The most important thing for us is our mid-to-late game and decision-making, and if we can improve that, I think we can move up through the starting lineup no matter who our opponent is. We don’t have any pressure.

Is there any pressure to advance to the World Championship?

Shoemaker: Once you lose, it’s over. I don’t have any negative emotions, I just want to prepare well and go up there. Today’s loss is in the past, so we’ll work on the things we need to fix and advance.

DK is a team of veterans, what do you think is the reason for their weakness in the current situation?

Choi Cheon-ju: In a critical situation, calls, communication, and promised plays are important, but it’s also about who is more relaxed and who can connect smoothly. We’ve lost a lot of games against strong teams in important stages, so I don’t think the players can afford to make good judgments in the game. That’s something we’re working on in practice, and I think it will improve by the time we get to the tournament.

How did you analyze the problem by reviewing past matches?

Choi Cheon-ju: In objective engagements, DK lacked understanding, order, and vision of the opponent’s combinations and ours in line management and camp management. This often led to losses as we allowed the opponent to ambush us from behind. We are working on this in practice.

Does it put a lot of pressure on you as a player?

Shoemaker: I don’t think so, but the results are not good, so there is nothing to say. I think we need to do better in the future. 메이저사이트

End of the interview

Coach Choi Cheon-ju: We have to prepare for the World Championships, and we’re at the edge of a cliff. I’ll prepare desperately, but I won’t feel any pressure and will think as positively as possible. I will work hard and come back in good shape.

Shoemaker: I’m sorry for the disappointment, and I’ll do better at the selection.