Seo Neung-wook 9th dan scored two points

1 hour and 23 minutes, 306 moves, and a 4-game victory. After scoring two points, ‘Soseo’ Seo Neung-wook 9th dan defeated ‘Dae-seo’ Seo Bong-soo 9th dan.

The endgame between Seo Bong-soo and Seo Neung-wook. After suffering back-to-back losses and being rescored to two points in the seventh edition of Go TV’s rescoring tournament, Seo Neung-wook 9 dan scored his first win with two points.

In the third game, which took place at the Go TV studio on the afternoon of the 27th, Seo took the lead with four moves to go. Once again, both knights played over 300 moves. Compared to the lengthy endgame, the game ended early, leaving both sides with about 19 minutes of play. 먹튀검증

Jang Soo-soo 9, who commentated on Go TV, said, “I said I would never lose, but it almost happened. It was narrowed down to two moves, so I was nervous, but Seo’s attacking power was good,” he said.

“Honestly, I thought it would be advantageous to set two points, so I planned to win safely rather than win a lot,” said 9th dan Seo Neung-wook. “If you flaunt your good form just because you have two points, you will lose if you make a mistake in battle, so I think I was quite careful and laid out the stage thickly.”

“I didn’t realize it was subtle,” said 9th Dan Seo, and “I thought it was subtle,” said 9th Dan Seo Bong-soo, “but it was a bit disappointing anyway. Seo said that he had missed two points in a dimensional fix a few decades ago.

The dimensions were adjusted back to a straight line. In the fourth match, which was played in 30 days, according to the rule that dimensions are reduced by one point for each victory or defeat, Seo went with the “good” dimensions.

“I need to get back to square one.” (Seo Neung-wook 9th Dan)
“I always say that, but I’ll do my best.” (Seo Bong-soo 9th Dan)

The prize money for the seven games is set at 500,000 won per game, and the winner of each game will receive an additional 2 million won. The time limit is 1 hour (1 minute and 3 seconds). In case of a draw, it will be treated as a hundred wins.