T1 wins three sets with a mid-game comeback… One set away from advancing to the 2R

T1 shakes off early jitters to pull off a late comeback and win the match with one set to spare.

T1 won the third set of Game 2 of the first round of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer’ playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on September 9 to level the set score at 2-2.

After tying the game with a win in the previous set, DK continued to win on the bottom lane and took the lead in kills, while T1 tried to fight back on the top lane, but Showmaker’s Azir joined in and once again DK took the lead with a win. T1 then made a bold engagement in front of the dragon, but a quick map change allowed DK to escape. T1 also kept the dragon. 스포츠토토

T1 made several attempts to resolve the situation, but DK continued to respond well and the gap began to widen, with DK taking the Baron to solidify the win. T1 picked up two kills in the process and managed to catch up to the gold despite the disorganized play. A second baron then appeared, and T1 took it, successfully chasing it down to take the third dragon.

After finally taking the lead at the 30-minute mark of the game, T1 continued to push their opponents through the bottom lane to further increase their gold gap. With a Dragon and a Baron on the board, T1 took the Dragon, not only gaining a Soul but also an Ace, which allowed them to move into the opponent’s main lane and take a step closer to advancing to the second round.